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Client Spotlight: Sundae

May 21, 2017 8:00:00 PM

Sundae's mission is simple; To spread joy!  They believe in delivering the best product backed by the best practices. All of their delicious ice cream is made in small batches on-site, ensuring only the freshest and best quality ice cream makes its way onto your taste buds.  They are committed to supporting local purveyors and source only natural and real ingredients for all of their ice cream flavors.

Whether it's a fresh packed pint of ice cream, a personalized ice cream cake, or just a delicious scoop served with a smile, they do it all! They also cater events, sell at farmers markets and host private parties.

Sundae believes that a scoop of ice cream has the power to make a difference.  They're proud to partner with us, nurturing and respecting the environment through compostable bowls and spoons.  They've collaborated with many local organizations, sponsored a little leaugue team and donated ice cream to local events, all to help foster a better sense of community. 

Through their empowered team of employees, they proudly deliver passionate customer service. At Sundae, their mission is simple: Spread Joy through all they are and all they do.... one scoop at a time.

If you are in the area, visit Sundae and help spread the joy! 

Check out their beautiful website for one of their four locations:

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