Should I Resell or Recycle Used Cardboard Boxes?

Mar 26, 2012 11:12:00 AM

Many businesses that are environmentally responsible will discard their used cardboard boxes off to the Cardboard-Boxesrecycling centers, but environmentally responsible businesses that are also a bit savvy, will avoid recycling their used boxes and resell them to instead.

Marty Metro, Founder and CEO of has taken his "neighborhood experiment" of buying and selling used cardboard boxes, and turned it into a business that has a customer base that includes a national contract UPS and has caught the attention of Wal-Mart by claiming to cut their costs by 10-15 percent! buys used boxes from large companies at higher rate than recycling centers and then sells the used boxes to other companies and consumers at a lower rate than retail stores. They offer free 1-2 day shipping and services every residential and business address in the continental U.S.!

The company's slogan is fantastic: "Save time, save money, save trees"!

Below is a video about that is definitely worth a look:



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Ken Jacobus

Written by Ken Jacobus

Ken Jacobus is CEO and founder of Good Start Packaging. He works with restaurants and other organizations around the U.S. to help them find the best sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic take out food containers. When not busy trying to eliminate landfills and plastic, he hikes, bikes, skis, reads, and plays with his family around his home in southern New Hampshire.

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