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We love promoting our clients in our marketing and on the walls at Good Start Packaging's headquarters in Bedford, New Hampshire. Your creations give context to our products and it makes us super happy to see who we serve every day!

Send us your photos and save on your next order! Here's how...

Submit up to three photos of your food or drinks in Good Start Packaging containers or of you and your team smiling for the camera. We'll review the photos and send you a coupon code for $25, $50 or $75 in store credit within 5 business days. Store credit amount will be based on the quality of the images submitted subject to internal review.

Please only submit photos that meet these requirements:

  • Shoot in a well-lit space. Natural lighting is preferable.
  • Don't cut off the edges of your packaging. Leave space around your products so that they don't fill the entire frame.
  • Only include Good Start Packaging products in the photos. 
  • Don't include text on top of your photos.
  • Submit high resolution photos. On a mobile device, choose "actual size" when prompted to select the image size.
  • Full color JPEG or PNG files only!
  • Be creative and show your branding when possible! (See photos above for inspiration.)
  • Submit photos of different products for a higher amount of store credit.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to email us at

Note: Clients can earn up to a maximum of $75 in store credit. Any submissions thereafter can earn up to $5 in store credit per approved photo.