Guide to Bamboo Dinnerware

Mar 6, 2014 9:59:32 AM

Studies conducted by Canadian scientist Martin Hocking have demonstrated that making disposable paper products uses as much petroleum or natural gas as polystyrene plates. The study showed that paper product production uses 12 times as much steam and 36 times as much electricity.

Bamboo Mini Square Dish"KRABI" Bamboo Mini Square Dish - 2.4" x 2.4"

Styrofoam or polystyrene takes several centuries to biodegrade. These are a few of the reasons so many disposable plate and dinnerware makers have been switching to bamboo.

How Disposable Bamboo Dinnerware Performs

A member of the grass family, there are different parts of the bamboo plant used in the production of bamboo dinnerware. The sheath is a part of the bamboo plant that emerges first, it is the plant covering.

As the plant grows, this sheath falls to the ground to be reabsorbed into the ground over time. For the creation of bamboo dinnerware, this sheath is collected right after it falls. It is then cleaned, boiled, laminated to a specific thickness, and then pressed into a shape.

The result is strong, elegant, 100 percent biodegradable, and disposable dinnerware. Products created from bamboo sheaths can be reused several times and even washed with soap in hot water. Some are even dishwasher safe.

Bamboo Bowl

2 oz Bamboo Bowl

Eco-friendly, Beautiful, Durable, Fully Biodegradable Bamboo

Reusable bamboo packaging and products are proving to surprise those not expecting the durability and aesthetic beauty of disposable bamboo dinnerware.

Bamboo fiber plants five years or older are taken for grinding into a fine powder. Using patented processes protected by specific manufacturers, the powder is molded into whatever shapes and products are needed. This delivers strong and fully biodegradable products such as bowls, plates, and trays.

These fine products are completely FDA food safe approved, and can be placed into tough industrial dishwashers. The results are as colorful as they are durable and practical.

Today, reusable bamboo knives, spoons, and forks are as readily available as cups, plates and trays. Strong and elegant products have gained this industry's attention for their ingenious new uses for bleach and toxin-free production processes. 

Good For You, Good For Your Family, Good For The Planet

Disposable bamboo plates and eco-friendly full tableware party options all come with 100 percent organic guarantees. They are also both compostable within a quick 2-6 months depending on the product and the process used to create it.

Bamboo is quickly becoming very popular due to its ease of growth and cultivation. It can grow in many kinds of climates and reproduces both quickly and easily.

Bamboo Plate with Sushi

Bamboo doesn't require replanting after harvesting and instead regrows vigorously. This makes it ideal for textiles. It has distinct advantages over cotton as a yarn. The bamboo plant reaches 35 meters high and is considered one of the fastest-growing woody plants in the world.

Bamboo is also being used as an eco-friendly material for flooring, furniture, and other parts of sustainable homes. A refreshing option, bamboo has made its way into our world markets as a dynamic solution.

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